Unconditional love…

God's love

Has it ever happened to you that you love someone from the bottom of your heart, day and night you are thinking just about that person and for you the maxim “For the world you are someone, but for someone you are the world” holds true?

But the person at the other end isn’t much involved in you? For him/her you are just another person or in my own words ‘someone’………

Well, I guess each one of us must be having one such person in life whom we love the most but that person is least bothered about it or takes it for granted.

When it comes to the feeling of ‘love’ it isn’t restricted only to humans. It extends to animals too and to go a step further we even fall in love with the non-living things around us!

Life teaches us so many things in the most unexpected ways! 

For me, it was my little puppy who gave me the important lesson of life.

As a mother, I never wanted to tame a dog because I always thought that it would be an additional liability on me to take care of it, feed it and most importantly to give my attention to it.

Also, I was always worried that my kids would be more prone to asthamatic attacks due to hair fall problems of such kinds of pets.

Anyways, I was very much against getting it at my home.

Yet, one day my elder son saw a small puppy who was trembling outside in heavy rain and hence brought him to our home.

He knew from the beginning that I was against taming it, so he always tried to keep the puppy away from me and feed him on his own.

Earlier the puppy used to come to our home only when it was hungry or needed a shelter but as time passed, it became much like our family member and started staying with us.

It could never get my love because for me it was just an unwanted dog. I just used to feed it and did nothing else for the puppy.

Slowly and gradually it grew up but the things had not changed much from my end and I had the same attitude towards the dog as earlier.

One day, I had gone to the market and while returning back I was carrying two big bags with me.

As I was walking down the street, a petty robber came and snatched away my purse. The dog whom I never loved was watching all this.

It quickly ran after the robber and was successful in getting back my purse from him.

But deep down in its heart the dog knew that I did not love him so just returned silently from the site. The one thing which dogs particularly do when they feel loved is to lick the person or wag the tail hoping that the owner might cuddle him. But he did nothing of this sort and just went away.

I was truly impressed that day but deliberately tried to keep myself away from falling in love with it.

And later many times it happened that in small-small instances I could find that the dog wanted to help me out.

The dog continued helping me in the most unexpected ways and still  never ever expected a hug from me.

Ultimately one day I cuddled the dog and fell in love with it. Later we became the best friends.

It has been seven years since the dog died, but it taught me an important lesson.

For all the while it kept loving me unconditionally even though it knew that I didn’t like him.

It won my TRUST!

YES! I fell in love with the dog only due to its devotion, unconditional attachment and trust.

Years later I used the same concept in our relationship.  I truly loved someone and wanted that person to love me back the way I always wanted… but it did not happen that way.

Anyways, I kept on messaging. I kept on caring for the other friend. I kept on praying for well being. I tried to keep in touch without expecting a reply. I kept on helping in every possible way.

Deep inside I used to crave for  attention and love which I never got but I believe that the only place where “T” comes before “L” is the dictionary of “love and life”.

Ultimately this was taught to me by the little dog whom I never loved earlier….. it couldn’t go waste!

Now, I understand how bad the dog must have felt when it was trying to win my love by his devotion and trust but was unable to get it!

But at least I am at peace because I know that I SHOULD NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN!














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