The ” race ” to win.

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It was Monday and I was rushing for office. Mondays are usually really difficult after a week break but somehow I packed my tiffin, took my bag and got ready to go to the office. 
As a child, I remember my mom used to do things for me and she was always worried to send me to school in time whereas I was least bothered. Those were the days of innocence and just PLAY and FUN — free from all tensions.
My father would often ask my mom not to keep nagging me and let me take the responsibility myself. My mom would listen to it with a dumb ear. As if my mom was preparing me for some race. 
Every day she would ask me to do things hurriedly just to be on time and during the time of exams she always asked me to study hard so that I am not left behind in grades by my friends. 
From the very childhood, it was deeply rooted in my mind that it is not just enough to be there on time but it is also essential to win the race if one wants to survive.
I grew up with the same thought process. Today when I was going to the office, I had started much in advance just to reach there in time and was pretty sure of that. We needed to punch the card after we reached the office for our daily attendance. I was always the first person to do that.
That day, I saw one of my colleagues was also accompanying me on the same road and he too was heading for the office. He was a little bit ahead of me.
From childhood, I had been taught the importance of ” winning the race” so sub-consciously I started driving a little fast.  After 2 minutes I was at par with my colleague and my heart was beating really fast now.
I quickly speed up my car and overtook him. What an immense joy I felt after doing it. I felt that one more time I had won the race. 
But after a few minutes, I realised that I had come far and missed the turn to office whereas my colleague wasn’t fast and took the proper turn. He reached the office on time whereas I was late.
Is it not the same with us in life too?
Often in the desire to come first always we often forget where our real destination is and keep on moving to the places where we don’t really wish to go!
Think over it.
I learnt an important lesson from it and decided to enjoy each and every moment of life. Life is not a race to be won but a journey to be enjoyed and cherished. 
Archana Prabhune..


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