what scars taught me..




photo of children in the water
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I and my younger brothers – my twin brothers, were too naughty in childhood. Every day was a challenge for my mother and she was unsure whether we would return home with all bones intact after playing outside for long hours. I still remember we used to drive a bicycle really fast in the society lanes, do skating, run fast without even bothering for the traffic and the passers nearby. 
We used to catch butterflies, tadpoles, chase pigs and dogs. we did all the things which seemed rubbish to the elder people.
Even at school too, we managed to keep our teachers on her toes. We used to jump from the benches meant for studying, hit one another and whatnot. We did all sorts of fun which you can’t even imagine. The teacher literally waited for school to get over each day.
One such day I was driving a bicycle and my younger brothers were sitting on the rear seat. It was back in 1987 so there wasn’t much traffic on the roads. I was driving really fast and both of them were encouraging me to drive even faster.
While all of us were enjoying the fast ride, my leg slipped from the pedal of the bicycle and I fell down from the seat. One of my legs was touching the ground and the other was on the pedal. I was literally being dragged on the road. I was barely able to control the steering.
My brothers were scared and were screaming not knowing what would happen next. One of them grabbed my hand tightly and his nails were literally piercing my body. He was trying to pull me up on the seat.
I felt that the bicycle was uncontrollable and we could fall at any moment so my childish brain decided to do a crash landing. A bike was coming from the opposite side and he even commented on us that ” see those three kids are doing circus on the road” . To avoid ramming into the bike I tried to push the steering slightly and all of us fell in the bush with a bang!
My little brothers were hurt a bit but blood was oozing from my leg. I knew my mom would give me a good scolding but what happened next surprised me.
My mother cleaned my wounds, applied the cream to it and was searching for other wounds on my body if any. She found that on my hands I had marks of nails. when she inquired, I told her that my brother was trying to pull me up on the seat and maybe due to that I was hurt by his nails. His effort kept me hanging on the bicycle and we all were saved from a major accident.
Today also, both the scars are there on my body but both tell a different story. One tells the story how I was hurt and the scars on the hand depict -how my little brother tried to help me in whatever way he could.
Similarly, in life, we have scars from the painful past. Sometimes we foolishly fall prey to difficult situations and we forget that our enemy is waiting. That’s when the tug of war begins between LIFE and GOD. 
That’s why some wounds we have because God wouldn’t let go. In adversity, he holds our hands and makes it a point to land us in a safe place.  He is the one who teaches us that when an arrow is pulled back, he is definitely going to launch it ahead with tremendous speed in life. He pulls us back just to launch us ahead with great speed.
So, we should be grateful to God always for being with us. He has secret ways to help us in every possible way! A scar taught me many things in life.. 
Archana Prabhune..

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